Thursday, December 28, 2006

My new job!

Hopefully no one that I work with is reading this, if they are: I'll explain later. I went on an interview today and actually got offered my choice between two different positions. I'm very excited. My commute will be about half as long as usual and I'm getting paid more! Anyway, its very exciting. It will be in Cardio-Vascular Recovery. I'm very interested in learning so much more.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

We're on Vacation

We left Alvin Tuesday afternoon and after 4 hours on the road (b/c of rain and traffic) we finally got to Rosebud. We spent the night there and then got up to come to Stephenville. We're finally here with Jon,Katy, and Brooklyn!!! I don't have my camera cord for the computer, so you'll have to wait to see pictures. We're having a great time, I just got and massage and what could be better?! Everyone here is sickly, though, we're working hard to keep Eli well. I don't know how often I will blog while we're hear, but lets face it: I don't know if anyone reads this and I don't blog that often anyway!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Was Santa worth all that?

Beau took me yesterday to try and finish some shopping. After doing some errands we had planned to go to the mall and have Elijah's picture with Santa. We got to the mall about 4:30 and Elijah was hungry so we sat in the car and fed him. After getting him dressed in his Christmas suit we made our way to Santa. We got to the line and the sign in front of us said "Santa is leaving to feed his reindeer, will return at 6pm" So we walked around the mall and got some gifts, got a snack at the food court since we would be home too late to cook dinner, and made our way back to Santa around 5:45pm to find a line. I was upset b/c by this time Elijah was sound asleep and I was paying too much for these pictures to have him sleep through them. Well, we waited in line for a while and right before it was time to take our picture I took his "sasser" and started rubbing his back-both sure-fire ways to wake him up (he hates massages!) So he was awake for the picture, but not happy enough to smile. Oh well, smiling on cue may have been a lot to ask of a 8 week old, but my child is really smart! :) We finally got home after driving through bad traffic and Elijah crying only to remember we left Beau's truck at the church. We turned around and drove back to the church. Uugghh!! When we finally got home we were exhausted and instead of the nice "Rachael Ray" dinner I was going to make Beau ate a sandwich on stale bread and I had oatmeal! So...everyone better say the Santa pictures are super cute when you see them!!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Chritmas Pictures

We went and toured the YMCA opening by our house today. They had pictures with Santa, but the setting wasn't as good as the mall, so we'll go to the mall later. I took some pics at the house, though. Isn't he cute. Beau just kept apologizing to him for having to dress him in it, but I think he looks great. He slept 7 hours last night. I slept 5 before I had to get up and check on him, but it was still great!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Our day

Elijah and I went shopping today. We got Beau a birthday present, went to Wal-Mart and Hallmark! We had a big day. Thanks to Amy Jo and Ashley for giving me some hints on Tuesday night, I haven't been pooped or peed on since then. (It could also have to do with the fact we ran out of the white cloud diaper) Anyway, I can't write anymore, Beau needs the computer to study for finals.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

No even noon yet

Not even noon yet and I've already been pooped on. Sat Elijah in his bed after changing him to pick out more clothes and he pees on the bed. Now I'm not blaming him, but I am blaming White Cloud diapers, they are absolutely awful! We rarely use them without getting pee or poop on us and everything in a 1 foot radius. For some reason pee always shoots out the back?! What the mess? Literally. Anyway, that may have been too much information, but I really hate those diapers!

Monday, December 4, 2006

I hate making up titles

Same old same old today. However, I did manage to make it through the day without getting pooped on. Unfortunately I got peed all over. Anyway, nothing much to say today. Elijah is getting better at entertaining himself laying on his "Giddy up" mat or sitting in his swing. I was explaining to Beau that we cycle all day through eating, playing, napping, playing, eating, playing, napping, etc. Just throw in about 15 dirty diapers and you have our day.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

My first blog

Since my husband, Beau, thinks myspace is from the devil and if I have a space it will surely lead to my demise I am setting up a blog. Y'all may be tired of all the emails I send with so many pictures of Elijah attached so now you can come see what's going on with us on your own. Nothing much happened today. We went to church, had a lazy afternoon and then Beau went back to church. We stayed home, Elijah sometimes is fussy at night and getting him (and me) redressed and back to church on Sundays only seems to add to the fussiness. Plus, he was really gassy today! :) Anyway, not much planned for this week. We're going Christmas shopping with Aimee on Tuesday, but other than that we'll just be hanging out. I'll try to update this as much as I can, but it will depend on how much nap time Elijah has or if I can become proficient typing with one hand!