Monday, October 24, 2011


Elijah was so excited about turning 5 this year. He picked out his dinosaur theme months ago. I have to say I was happier about a dinosaur theme than I was a lake animal theme (even though lake animals turned out to be pretty fun).

Starting on Friday Elijah got to have donuts for breakfast and then we played outside all morning. Then Elijah got to open a present from his dad...

He got a soccer ball. He loves it. And yes, that is how Elijah was dressed all day. Even in public.

For lunch Elijah wanted to go to McDonalds to get a Happy Meal and play on the playground. He was allowed to play his computer games (PBSkids - we love it) a little longer than normal while Sadie took a nap and then we talked him into changing into his Robinson Rockets shirt and we headed off to eat Pizza (another choice of his - the day of junk...I know) and go to the ft ball game.

Saturday morning we woke up and got everything ready for his big dinosaur party.

I have to say his cake was not special this year, but he loved it anyway.

Here's a rundown of the food...



Not pictured was Brachiosaurus Burgers and Dino Dogs

One of the treats was fossils. They were rice krispie treats cut into the shape of bones and dipped in white chocolate!

The kids played outside for a while, then we ate. After we ate I had a very special activity planned. All the kids were brought into the house. I told them (very convincingly) that before anyone woke up that morning I looked outside and saw a huge Tyrannosaurus in our back yard. (the kids eyes were huge) I said she was looking for somewhere to lay all her eggs. I told the kids we were going to go out and hunt for the eggs. They were so excited I couldn't even get out the door to take pictures of them hunting because there was literally a stampede out the door to find their egg.

The birthday boy found an egg!

More eggs!

Breaking open the eggs...

They were filled with all kinds of goodies!!

After our egg hunt we decided to cut the cake!

I just love Brooklyn's face. It says "how many more pictures do we have to take before we can eat the cake?"

What a great party!!

After the party we had an after party for family only. I had asked his friends to not bring any gifts so we had an after party for family to give him any gifts they might have.

In the above photo Elijah got a remote control car. I was shocked. The reason I was surprised is that Elijah had been telling me for weeks that all he wanted for his birthday was a remote control car. I actually didn't pay much attention to it because I knew we weren't giving him one. Then the first gift he opened was from Beau's parents and was a remote control car. I asked Janice how she knew. She said she had taken him to Toys R Us a month or so ago and he had told her he wanted the car for his birthday. I had no idea...ha!

The rest of the gifts I have no idea who they came was a bit of a frenzy!!

We looked over and saw these little angels all sitting together! Henley, Brooklyn and Sadie...

We'll show this picture at their high school graduations!!

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!

I took Elijah's birthday treat to his school today since I have to work on Thursday. He was so excited! He wanted M&M's on his giant cookie...

I love having lunch with Elijah and his friends. They are the cutest kids!

I'm getting excited for Friday. We have a whole day planned of everything Elijah wants to do. We'll see if we can fit it all in. Then Saturday is the big Dinosaur party day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Need a Pick-Me-Up?

This is what happens when my baby girl misses her afternoon nap and sits down to watch a show while I cook dinner...

I took donuts to work last week and before they were all gone I snagged 2 for the kids. I surprised them with chocolate donuts when I got home (I can't help it that they had just taken their baths!)...

Sadie likes to eat the chocolate off the top and leave the bread.

Elijah now asks for donuts every day. We have told him they're for special occasions so now he's asked for donuts for his birthday!

Love my babies!!