Monday, August 27, 2007

My baby's just as good as yours

Okay, can I just say one thing? I don't know why I ask, its my blog I'll say what I want! :) I don't care if my baby's not walking yet so quit making me feel bad about it! He's only 10 months old! Why are people always rushing everything? :) Every time I'm at church or anywhere people will say things like "How old is Elijah?" "10 months" "oh, and he's not walking yet? My _________ was walking at 8 months!" I smile and nod and think to myself "I don't care what your child did" Then some one else last month said, "He's 9 months old? He should be walking by now." Are you kidding me? I think to myself "how hard would it be to trip this person as they walk off?" I hate it when people make me feel like a bad mother because my baby isn't walking early. I don't think enough people in this world think before they speak. It is very damaging to a new mother to point out something "wrong" with her wonderful baby. I don't care if he has three eyes and purple skin. He's my boy and I love him. He'll walk when he's ready and on that day I just hope I can figure out the video camera! This is really a sarcastic blog. I usually don't care what people think or say, but when its about my child I do. Right now he's laughing uncontrollably because I keep growling at him.

I'm not a housekeeper!

We are having a joint garage sale on Saturday with Gary and Aimee. Yesterday, Beau and I were going thru our stuff collecting things for the sale. We decided to sale the VCR's and so we were going thru the entertainment center and it was really dusty. If you've been to my house I apologize. I am not and don't wish to be a good housekeeper. I'm sorry, I just hate cleaning. I try to keep a very neat house, but don't look closely because its dusty. I have been doing better about keeping my floors clean because of Elijah crawling, but I still don't dust or do bathrooms. (Beau does the bathrooms - I just wanted to throw that in so you're sure to know they do get done.) Anyway, Beau said wanted me to start dusting regularly. I plainly said, "I don't dust" I told him I'm more than willing to pay some one else to do it. He told me he would do all the dusting (even the blinds) if I would do everything else (like the bathrooms - go back a few sentences and you can guess how this conversation will go - and vacuum). I then again said no. If he wasn't willing to pay some one he could do it himself. He told me he doesn't want to do it, it's women's work. I told him I don't care if he thinks that way and said I will hire a very nice woman to do it. We came to the compromise that if I dust the furniture he will do the blinds and the ceiling fans. I asked how often he wants it done. Twice a month. So we agreed on the 1st and 15th of every month we will dust. What he didn't realize until the end of the conversation is that he had been dusting the furniture the whole time we were talking! Ha Ha. Guess I don't have to do it until the 1st now. Just to let you know I do some housework. We compromise on everything. Beau doesn't like to do laundry so I do it all and fold it and put it away on the same day. I mop - not well - but at least I do it. I straighten the house, I cook (I don't, however, clean the kitchen - Beau does) and I um...lets see....I'm sure there's other stuff! :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bye Bye Baby

Elijah loves to wave "bye bye" now. Sometimes he even uses both hands. These are some of the pictures of him waving.

He's not waving in this one, but its so cute.

I'm off today with Beau. I have a big day planned for me, though. The other night I was lying in be with Beau and had a moment I guess. I started crying and Beau wanted to know what was wrong. I told him I never have any time by myself. I am either at work or home with the baby and I can rarely do anything I want because I have Elijah. I said I try to let Beau have free time because he has to take Elijah to work with him so on his days off I try a lot to let him do what he wants. Then as soon as I said it I started crying harder because I felt guilty for wanting time away from my sweet baby. I miss him so much when I work because he's asleep when I leave and asleep when I get home. So on my days off I want to be with him. Anyway, we changed the subject and that was that. Then Beau called me at work yesterday to ask if I still had any gift card left to Bergamos Spa. (Its a really fancy spa in Friendswood that Beau sent me to when I was pregnant) I laughed and said, "Are you kidding? I used that thing as fast as I could." I asked why he wanted to know and he said "Its none of your business" I told him I didn't need a massage and he just said not to worry about it he was going to be my agent for Friday and I was going to have some time alone. So when I got home there was this big certificate that says. I am to show up at the spa at 1pm for a massage and then procede to the mall where I am to shop and spend between 50 and 75 dollars in American currency! He is so funny. Then we'll have dinner together, I'm trying a new recipe with Shrimp and feta cheese!! Then Beau has a softball game at 7 and Elijah and I will go to that and cheer on Papa.
He really takes care of me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

He's a climber!

Elijah loves to climb! He climbs up, onto, and over the chair ottoman (going around is so last month!) He will use whatever is around to try and climb onto the couch or into a chair with you. This morning during breakfast he was climbing out of his walker when one foot slipped and got him stuck. It was so funny because he was laughing (at himself).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our weekend in Rosebud

We just got back from Rosebud so I thought I would hurry and post some pictures from the weekend.

If I would have thought ahead of time I would have put Elijah in green too! That may have been too much, though.

Elijah with Meme and Papaw, Grandpa Frankie or Pop. We haven't decided yet. We like Papaw but that would give Elijah a Papa, Papaw and Pawpaw. We don't want to damage the boy so soon in life. Maybe he'll come up with his own name for Frankie!! Cute picture.

"I'm gonna get you!"

Elijah and Great Meme. He loved her yellow beads. If you want my child to love you wear some interesting jewelry.

Friday, August 17, 2007

So sorry!

I want to apologize to all of Elijah's fans out there. I haven't posted anything in a week!! We've been super busy. I worked Saturday, got sick Sunday then worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and today we woke up and drove to Rosebud. We are spending the weekend here with Meme and Grandpa Frankie (no one's given him a name yet and thats what we call him around our house). Anyway. I probably won't be able to post any pics until Sunday or Monday. Tuesday was Elijah's 10 month birthday and I can't believe its gone by so fast! Only two more months till the big birthday!!! Elijah got in his two front teeth this week. That's all I can think of right now. Now that the news is out I can finally say Aimee is pregnant!!! We are so happy for her! Now I guess we'll have to start repaying all the favors starting with the nursery.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Peter Pan

Today we're watching Peter Pan instead of Veggie Tales. (actually we've already watched Veggie Tales once today). Peter Pan is good, but not quite as entertaining as Veggie Tales, but then again, what is?

"Excuse me, but all that flashing is interupting my viewing experience!"

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm so excited to see him!

This is Jonathan in Vanuatu (I have no idea where that is!)

Here he is with a real Samurai in Japan

New pjs from Juju!

Mom sent Elijah (or Ligy as Brooklyn says) some new pajamas. He looks really cute, but as my dad would say, "I can't see him, he's camouflaged!"

This is either his supermodel pose or his mischievous pose

We don't know why or who he gets it from, but he always sucks on his bottom lip when he's tired.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We're doing good

We've been really busy lately. Beau came back on Friday. He had a great time, but is exhausted. I had to work Saturday, was on call Sunday and had to go in all day, worked Monday, and tried to get caught up yesterday! This picture is a few weeks old, but I just love it. I know every mom must think this, but I really do have the most precious boy in the world. It brings me to tears every time I think about how God has blessed my life. I could never ask for anything more than I have. A wonderful husband, and beautiful boy and a fantastic life. Jonathan comes back in a few weeks and I am so overcome with joy to see him. Zac is starting football. He apparently broke his own record in the SMU weightroom. He was featured in the Dave Campbell's College Football magazine. I am so proud of them. I have to work again this weekend and then we're off to Rosebud next weekend. I will do what I can to get some more recent pictures.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

What a cool toy!

Elijah played with Kelci's dog on Friday and loved it. As long as they didn't kiss him in the face he loved these "moving toys"!

What a good picture!