Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A few funny things

I captured Elijah falling asleep while bouncing in his bouncer on the video camera. If only I could figure out how to download it. Anyway, super funny! I'm not saying he is kinda bouncing or swinging himself to sleep. I'm talking hard bouncing and then BAM nothing and he's asleep. That bouncer is by far the best investment we've made! Anyway, I worked all weekend and yesterday so today we are just laying around. Elijah has not been feeling well... we think he is teething and its really bothering him. Anyway, he woke up from his nap and played a little. Around noon he started whining and I thought he was getting hungry. I opened a new package of diapers (he's graduated to the 9 oz bottles) rinsed one out and made the formula. I sat down to feed him and he was just whining a lot and pulling at his ears. I thought his teeth must really be hurting. I read that when babies are teething they may refuse to eat from a bottle for a while b/c it hurts to suck. So I put some teethers in the freezer, gave him some to chew on, a little tylenol and let him play. In about 15 mins he was whining again. I decided to try a bottle again. This time he was really acting hungry, but would start crying when he started sucking. I felt so sorry for him that he was hurting so bad. I thought I would give him the formula in a sippy cup since it probably doesn't hurt as bad to suck from that. I got up, went to the kitchen. I wanted to do my own experiment. I know it doesn't take much effort to suck from the sippy cup ( you moms know you've drank from one too, don't judge)! However, I had never tried sucking on a bottle. I put it in my mouth and barely sucked ( I did not want to get a lot of formula, that stuff is gross). I wasn't getting anything so I sucked harder, still nothing. I thought, "man he does have to suck hard!" Then it hit me. I looked at the top of the bottle - no hole in the nipple! I switched out the nipple and Elijah sucked that bottle down in no time! Poor kid, his teeth had nothing to do with it. Now I need to go check the other new bottles for holes!

Friday, April 13, 2007

We had a great Easter, I guess. It was a little lonely. Beau had a retreat all weekend so instead of being here by myself I decided to fly home. Elijah and I left for the airport Friday morning. Getting through check-in and security was the hardest. I wore him on me in a carrier and had our suitcase in one hand and the car seat in another. Everyone is really helpful, though when you're toting a baby. The flight to Dallas was fine, Elijah slept the whole way and I looked at a magazine. He would wake up and whine a little during the descent, because his ears were popping. I would give him his pacifier and he was fine. We had lunch with Mandy and then met Katy and Brooklyn to go home. It snowed all day Saturday. I'm not just talking a few light flakes, either, I'm talking a lot of snow! I would send pic, but you can't tell very much because its actually snowing so hard the pictures just look fuzzy. Anyway, Saturday we had a big lunch with my mom's family. We went to church on Sunday and then Zac took us back to the airport on Sunday afternoon. The flight back was fine. The flight is actually so short it lasted just long enough for Elijah to eat a bottle ( well, eat the formula. I don't actually feed him bottles!) Anyway, it was great to get home and see Beau. I think it was harder on Beau since he's only been away from Elijah for one night before. Anyway, the pictures are of my dad with Eli and Brook. The other ones are of Brooklyn trying to "love on" Elijah. We couldn't hardly lay Elijah on the floor b/c she just wanted to hug and kiss him. My dad always kisses her on the back of the neck so that's what she was trying to do to Elijah. She would pull down his collar to get a better smooch. Pretty cute! We did have to keep a close eye b/c she wanted to pick him up and bring him places to play.