Friday, November 30, 2007

The Boy Loves Bananas

Elijah loves to eat bananas. The only problem is he doesn't savor the banana (he's just like Beau). He shoves the whole thing in his mouth and tries to chew it. No matter what he's eating we have to monitor how much we can put on his plate because he will just keep stuffing his face. This was thismorning. I gave him a half of a banana and these were the pictures I took. I just kept snapping, pretty much as fast as I could and this was all I could get because he goes so fast!

Too funny. Sorry its taken me so long to blog. We got back on Saturday from our Thanksgiving trip and then Sunday was a wirlwind (so much so that I forgot to call my brother on his birthday). I worked Monday and Tuesday, picked Mandy up from the Airport on my way home Tuesday and she left Friday afternoon. We had a great time, but that's why I haven't blogged in a while. I think I did 4 blogs, so keep scrolling down!

Our Christmas Tree

Mandy helped me put up our tree. These pics don't really do it justice. We decided to go ahead and keep it in the living room and see if we could keep Elijah off of it. That didn't happen. So now there are just no decorations on the bottom 1/4 of the tree. Not so cute, but whatever.

Elijah loved to help unpack all the ornaments. He loves to sort and organize.

Thanksgiving in Stephenville

We got to Stephenville on Thursday afternoon. We went to Jannie's for dinner - so good. I didn't take many pictures at all, sorry. He wore the cute outfit Aimee got him.

Friday my mom gave Elijah a cup of cheerios and they all ended up in Sherrie's mouth.

"What? Those were for me?"
We had a great time! We really missed Jon and Katy and Sherrie. On Saturday for breakfast Elijah had two eggs, a large banana, a bowl of oatmeal, a glass of milk and then ate off all of our plates while we ate! Porker.

Thanksgiving in Rosebud

We left Alvin on Tuesday, late afternoon. We spent the evening catching up with all Beau's family. On Wednesday we just relaxed with Brad, Amy and Crystal. That evening we had dinner with the Spurlock family. This is our family portrait that night.
Frankie and Elijah just waiting on dinner.
Brad and Amy bought this for Elijah. Too cute.

We left around lunch time on Friday to go to Stephenville. We had a great time. Lots of good food and we were so excited to get to see Mark and JoCarol. We hadn't seen them since I was barely pregnant!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Well, I did it! Sorry, Beau! Here are the pics from the Salon this AM.

Before: (sorry its blurry)

Pretty long huh?
She didn't even count or ask if I had any last minute objections, she just cut!
Sorry I don't have any makeup on or anything, but it's cute right?
A side shot.

I'll try to post more from our trip this weekend. I'll have to wait till I have my own computer!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Okay, this has got to stop! My college roommate, Kelci, called yesterday and she is pregnant!! Wow! You can't say there is something in the water because Aimee is here, Katy's in Hawaii and Kelci is in Oklahoma. I am really happy for her, they have been trying for a while. Such good news. I told her she needs to have a boy so he and Elijah can be roommates at ACU too. I guess they really couldn't since they will be almost 2 years apart, but hey, its a good thought.

I know I haven't posted much lately and you haven't seen any pics of Elijah for a while, I'm sorry. We've been pretty busy and today will be very busy. I have a list of things to do here at home and around town. Then at noon I'm taking Beau to class so that when his class is done I can drive all the way back and pick him up and leave from there (saving us about an hour) to Rosebud. So that leaves me to do all the packing and loading!

I promise I will post pics this week. I am so excited! Its going to be cold!!!!! You may not recognize me when I get back. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday food and I can't promise you I won't be the size of a large barnyard animal when we return. This will be Elijah's second Thanksgiving , but first time to have the food!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good News Flyin' All Over the Place

Well, Aimee had her Ultrasound yesterday. It's a Boy!!! A new friend for Elijah, I love it. Parts of us were hoping for a girl so her and Elijah could get married, binding our families together, but I have an even better plan. Little Toliver or Zachary or whatever they name him can be best friends with Elijah, then next year I'll get pregnant, have a girl and she can marry their baby leaving Elijah to be the best man!! How cool is that! :) Anyway, she hasn't posted the sono pics of the baby and his "parts" so this is the best I could do. (Yes, I stole it from her blog)

Then, Katy calls. Check out the pick below of my niece, Brooklyn.
Yeah, that's right. Katy's pregnant!! 4 weeks. Now I was okay dealing with Aimee because its her turn, blah blah blah, but now I have Katy flaunting her pregnantness (yes, its a word) in my face!! I can't stand it! AND I'm fixing to leave for my Ultrasound at the OB-GYN's. I better remember a good magazine.

Note: I really am so very proud for both Aimee and Katy! Even though I can't wait for it to be me again (I kinda can't believe I'm saying that since I'm sitting here typing while Elijah pulls all the trash out of the study trash can and is depositing it all over the house!) I am so excited for them.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Crazy Weekend is Finally Over!

Oh, the crazy weekend is over!! This whole past couple months has been a blur. I started working on Elijah's Birthday Party when we first brought him home from the hospital and kicked it into high gear some time in late August. Then as soon as that was over I started working on Fall Festival making the costumes. Before that was even over I started on my stuff for the Nutcracker Market. This house was covered in diapers and ribbon. Now that all of that is done I can focus on the Holiday Season, my favorite time of the year. If only it were cold!! The high tomorrow is 86!! Are you kidding me! I can't decorate for the holidays sweating in a t-shirt! Oh well. Here are some pics of the weekend.

This was just now, incase you forgot how precious my boy is!!

Friday was the shower for my girlfriend at work. A lot of people loved the cake and commented on it. It seemed a little rude to go around passing out cards, so I didn't, maybe people will contact me some other way. Her nursery theme was Nautical. That is a nightlight on top. It was so funny. When I got there they used it as the centerpiece on the table with the cake and punch that was set up when you walked in. Then when it was time to eat in another room they moved it to be the centerpiece on the food table!
Saturday I got off work at about 1pm. I came home and rested a bit, sent Elijah off with Gary and Aimee. Beau and I got ready and went to the Medina Charity Banquet. It was GREAT. We had a blast. A HUGE thank you to Gary and Aimee and the rest of the Scogin Crew for keeping Eljah for us. We had a wonderful time out with some other friends from church.
At the end of the night they said to check your program for a certain sticker and whoever had it got to take home the centerpiece! My husband won ours!! I had been eyeing it all night!! YEAH BEAU!! I would have hated getting caught trying to steal a centerpiece from a charity banquet.
Sunday was the Market. I think it was a success. I didn't take any orders ( I didn't really expect to), but I got my name out there and passed out a lot of cards. I'll tell you, the A&M wreath was a huge hit!! I was really bored sitting there by myself for 4.5 hours so I'm getting Aimee to do it with me next year.

Pregnancy Gift Basket
Large Diaper Cake

Couple's Breakfast in Bed basket. It had Bisquick, maple syrup, a wooden spoon, two candles, two coffee mugs, two linen napkins, coffee, a vase with a flower, and a heart pancake mold.
The A&M Diaper Wreath
The Small Diaper Cake
It was really frustrating once during the Market. A woman with her daughter (probably 10) came up to my booth. The woman was looking at everything and the daughter was saying "look mom, how cute" she kept pulling at stuff on the wreath and the cake. I wanted to scream "Stop pulling at the stuff before I knock you into next week, don't you know how hard I worked!" I kept thinking, "why is this mom just letting her daughter mess up my stuff" then I got my answer. The mom saw the pregnancy basket, which wasn't wrapped so people could see everything in it. She saw the Preggie Pops and grabbed them out of the basket sending everything falling into a heap (I worked FOREVER getting everything just right in that basket and yelling at Beau "don't tilt it" while he loaded it in the car) and she went on and on about how she couldn't find them - she was 3 mos pregnant. When she was done she threw them back into the basket and went on her way. I was sweating and trying so hard not to yell. I spent the next few minutes trying to get it all back into place. Seriously!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Why I shouldn't be allowed at the OB-GYN

On Monday I had to go to the OB-GYN, I won't say why because my dad and Bill Scogin may be reading this! ;) No, I'm not pregnant, but I wish I were. While I was there all these cute (but noticeably uncomfortable) pregnant ladies were walking in and there were some women there for their 6 week check up with their newborns. Oh...I wanted to be them all so bad. I feel like Elijah was the best baby and if I could duplicate him I would have a whole Osmond crew! Beau said no, not right now, but I think I have him down to this coming summer! I'm going to be a little more strategic this go around though. I do not want to be 7,8,9 months pregnant in the heat of a Houston summer so I'm planning on getting pregnant in the heat of the Houston summer. Well, I left the office and decided I shouldn't be allowed back without Beau or at least a good magazine to take my attention away from all the babyness. I do, however get to have an ultrasound the day after Aimee! Though, unfortunately, not for the same reason. Well, I'm off to a baby shower! Honestly! How ironic, I know. I made a diaper cake and they are using it as the centerpiece. Maybe I can stir up some business while I'm at it. Sorry no pics right now, I'll see what I can do later today. Love to all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We're busy around here

Well, we've been really busy here. Saturday, Beau went with us to the park. Here are some pics.

Elijah starting his climb up the slide.

It's a long way to the top! (For him)


Elijah loves to slide. This is only one "trip" up and down that we caught on camera. As soon as he gets to the ground he turns around and heads back up, squealing the whole time. Katy, if the weather is nice, we'll have to take him and Brooklyn to the park at Christmas. After the park I went and ran some errands and came home while Beau went on a Scavenger Hunt with the kids. I was still trying to decide if I want to cut my hair and when I got home, God spoke to me thru Oprah! :) I turned on Friday's Oprah while I went thru an Everest of clothes a friend gave me for Elijah. The entire show was about cutting your hair and donating it for wigs for Cancer patients. That is what I usually do. I grow my hair for a year or so and then chop it off and donate it. I wasn't thinking of doing that this time because I know Locks of Love (where I usually donate to ) only accepts hair 10 inches long. I knew mine wasn't that long, but on Oprah its a campaign Pantene is doing and it only has to be 8 inches. I went and measured and sure enough, we're at 8 inches!! So there you have it. I'm cutting my hair. I just need to go talk to some one and make sure that style will work with my thick hair. Anyway, thanks for voting, the only one who voted no was Beau.

Sunday night we got to go watch Zac stand on the sideline. It didn't matter, though, we got to see him and that's all we wanted. Elijah stayed home with Cathy, which was a huge help since he would have hated all the noise. Not to mention the game started at his bedtime.

I've been working really hard on my stuff for the Nutcracker Market. Come by and see me on Sunday from 11 - 4 at Bales Intermediate! Oh, and buy something while you're at it!! I work the next couple days then we start the crazy weekend. This is all on the list to do Saturday: Cathy's card party, set up at Bales for the Market, go to the Medina Banquet at the Galleria and oh did I mention I have to work!! We'll see how that all works out. Better go play with my boy! Is every one excited about the cold front!!! We're having Taco Soup and cuddling up with hot chocolate!! My favorite time of the year!!!! That's a lot of exclamation points! I feel like Elaine on Seinfeld.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Should I cut my hair?

I know you're thinking why do I have a picture of Posh Spice on my blog, right? I've been thinking about chopping my hair off and cutting it like hers. If you're in my family you may remember Katy had hers cut like this. Look to the left of the page and you can vote. If you can, leave a comment and tell me what you voted.
Mine would be slightly longer and much thicker than the one below. But I wanted you to see a back shot.
Scroll down for Halloween pics.


On Halloween we carved our pumpkins. I thought Elijah would like to feel the gooey-ness, but he hates anything slimmy so he wanted nothing to do with it. I think I got some cute pics, though.

I thought this pic was so cute, but I couldn't get
him to quite biting his lip.

Beau's pumpkin is the "Latin" pumpkin and mine is the other one.