Thursday, June 28, 2007

My boy is getting so big!!!

I didn't even pose him. We were at Mandy's waiting to leave and he was just sitting there. He loved to sit on the step.

Doesn't he look so big!

Just waiting for Juju!!

Elijah loved chasing Sophie around the house. I bet she's glad we're gone.

Brooklyn won't let anyone hold Elijah unless they hold her too. Can anyone say "Jealous"? She is sweet to Elijah, but is just not ready to give up all the attention.

Don't tell Beau we put a bow on his head.

Everyone says he is too pretty to be a boy. Maybe this will make them stop - that would be one weird looking girl! :)

Just hanging out with Uncle Bobby in the hammock. Beau hates this hat, but my boy will not spend his childhood sunburned like I did.

Once again - Jealous anyone? Too cute! Just posing with Great Grandma Jannie (she loves being called that)

We're back with a ton of pics

We are back from Stephenville/Dallas. Here are a bunch of pics:

Beau took me out to eat on Friday night for a belated 4th anniversary. We went to Chabucca's- so good!! Aimee and Gary kept Eli for us. Such good friends.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sad Day

We want to express our deep sadness and ask for prayers for the Shaefer and Duncan families with the loss of their sweet baby, Malachi. I don't know what I would do if Elijah were sick and cannot even imagine loosing him. Sorry there have not been any postings or pictures lately. I've been working a lot and since Beau was gone last week I was a single parent (which I hope I never really have to experience) so I had little time to get online. Elijah was thrilled to see his papa again. These are some pictures of Beau and Elijah playing. They missed each other terribly.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I am a good mom, I think.

I just got off the phone with Poison Control. Elijah loves pulling things off the shelves by my chair in the living room. He had pulled off diapers and a box of markers and stuff and was just playing. After a minute or two he was really quiet so I looked down at him. He was eating diaper rash cream!! It was a little opened sample pack of Destin. It was opened before and used so I didn't think much was in it, but it did say to call Poison Control if ingested. I called and they told me to wash his mouth out, give him a drink and watch for any oddities in his behavior. They said he could get a tummy ache. I really think he got more on his face and hands than in his mouth but better safe than sorry. He seems fine. His breath smells good, a little metalic, but good. If you've kept up with my blogs that means in a week he's eaten a bank statement, a fly and diaper rash cream. All my mom has to say about this is "welcome to the world of boys!" Thanks mom. I really am trying to be a good mom. By the way, he got a new tooth. Now he has two bottom teeth! Hello Cheerios!!! Sorry no pics, I'm too busy trying to clean this dump to take pictures today.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

He loves puppies!!!

Well, Elijah found the window. He crawls under the end table, stands by the window and hits it until the dogs come up. When they come up he screams and bangs on the window. The first time he found it I looked over there and the window seal was dirty (its behind the couch, you expect me to clean that too?) so I wiped it off and let him play there. A few minutes later I couldn't find him. I looked all around and was saying his name. I followed the whines and he was stuck behind the couch on the window seal. I finally got him out. I'm only a little concerned because the seal behind the couch was dirty and I think he may have eaten a fly!! That never hurt anyone right? Well, now we've wedged the couch so he can't get stuck anymore, but can still get to the puppies.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Poor baby

Beau put up a gate because Elijah crawls right to the computer wires and pulls on them. I don't think Elijah likes being told he can't do something.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

He looks so uncomfortable

This is just one of the ways I usually find Elijah sleeping. I almost feel bad straightening him out because he's sleeping so well like he's really comfortable. Beau thinks he definately takes after me with his weird sleeping positions. So cute!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Our First Tooth!!

Elijah got his first tooth today!! Now we know why he's been so fussy the last couple nights. Its the lower left front tooth. I would get a picture, but he won't let me hold his mouth open to take one. Go figure. Oh well....Yeah for Elijah!!! Lets have a party!!! I think he told me he really likes giftcards to places like Starbucks, Johnie Carinos and Target....oh wait.... ;)


I'm having a Melaleuca party on Thurs 14th at my house. I am really excited about this. Its main push is all natural cleaning supplies and toiletries. I have a friend coming from Dallas to give us more info. I know I am going to join. I have had a lot of friends whose children, and themselves, suffered from allergies and other ailments before going "all natural" and now are much better. I really think you would be impressed by everything this company has to offer. I think this is especially good for people with young children in their houses often. Let me know if you're interested. I'm trying to see if people would rather do 6pm or 7pm. Let me know if you can come.


Elijah must have been really tired this morning for his nap. I put him in his bed and he was just laying there. I left and he started crying a little. I gave him his bunny and left again. When he stopped crying I went back to check on him. This is what I found. He must have just fallen over asleep while playing!

He's all boy

Yesterday was Jan's birthday, so after church we went to Bibby's for an amazing lunch!! We had a great time, but the fun we had didn't compare to the fun Elijah had. Bibby has these teddy bears that are the size of Elijah and he just had the best time "wrestling" with them. It would have been a great video because he was just squealing every time he would "body slam" a bear. He is definately all boy!!