Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm beginning to hate the Chicken Dance

Okay, so my mom (in true Grandmother form) bought Elijah a chicken that sings the Chicken Dance Song. Cute huh? Not really once you've heard it for a solid 20 mins. Elijah loves it! I'm actually a bit shocked Bibby didn't get it for him - guess Juju beat you to the punch. I'm not really sure why he likes it so much. When she gave it to him he really didn't want anything to do with it, but after we got home he dug it out of the suitcase and started playing with it. He found it again today (not that I had hidden it...exactly) and while I was getting ready he just plays it over and over. Here are some pics...

He presses the button on the chicken's foot...

Then he lays down in front of it....

And just watches...

Then presses the button again...

"Elijah, do you love your Easter Chicken?"....

"Well, we need to go to the grocery store and you have to leave it here"...

Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, we just got back from Stephenville for Easter. Rayford had to pick us up from the airport because Beau is stuck in Jury Duty! So we haven't even seen him yet! Anyway, we had a good time. We stayed Thursday night with Mandy then the rest of the weekend we were in Stephenville. I don't know if Elijah was trying to test my love for him or what, but he woke up Friday night at 12:30am and stayed up until 3:30am before I finally went downstairs and slept on the couch (he couldn't go to sleep with me in the room). Then Saturday night he woke up at 1:30 am and was up until 4:30 am. I tried holding a pillow over his face to "help" him fall asleep, but he sure can wiggle! Then, being the proactive mother I am, Sunday night I drugged him. I thought it was best for our relationship if he were in a drug-induced coma all night. I gave him just enought Tylenol to keep CPS from showing up and he slept great - until 4:30 this morning!!! I don't know why, but I still love him. Maybe you'll understand after you scroll down and see the pics. He was very clingy to me all weekend, was rude to everyone else and asserted himself ("NO!!") at every possible moment. I think he must be going thru some issues. Anyway, I also didn't get to wear my pretty new Easter dress because it was so cold! Bummer~ you might be wondering why I wrote that we had a good weekend at this point. It was great to see everyone (almost everyone) though. There were a lot that couldn't make it, but we had fun. Elijah did great on the flight up - much to everyone's obvious surprise. We get the most awful, annoyed looks when we step on the plane. On the way back he wasn't quite as good, there was a seeing-eye dog on the flight (not alone, he was with his owner) and Elijah couldn't understand why he couldn't play with that dog. I think the lady got tired of hearing him yell "DOG!!" and point so she let him touch the dog. Anyway, we're home now, I'm going to try to get everything done that should have been done yesterday (Sunday is laundry day). I doubt it will happen - my body is working overtime just to stay awake!

This is an awful picture of me, but I love the way Elijah is looking so sweet at me. He's probably thinking "Mom, you have a giant booger in your nose!", but I'm going to imagine he's thinking, "Mom, you're the greatest, I love you so much!"

His new Easter suit - isn't he so cute!!

"Zac, Ligy and Lya"

Juju and Ligy

Funny story, we passed a giant church on the way to Mandy's from the airport on Thursday. It had a giant banner over the entry that read, "Happy Birthday Jesus!" Just think about that for a minute! So I leave you with this, Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A blog about nothing...

As previously stated this blog is really not about anything, but since we'll be out of town all weekend I wanted to blog. Beau has been working really hard in the back yard doing the "make over" and I think it is going to look great! We bought patio furniture and I can't wait till we're able to have dinner out there. Anway, while Beau was working, Elijah was "helping" and I thought they looked so cute together so I snapped a few pics thru the window.

Sunday we had Jon, Bibby, Maimee and Gary over for lunch. Saturday night while I was fixing stuff I remembered I do have some Spring/Easter stuff and so I decided to decorate the table. I thought it turned out pretty cute with the glass bunny in the middle so I, of course, snapped a few pics.

Well Elijah and I leave early tomorrow (okay, its only 8, but on my days off that's really early to me) to go see Mandy and then spend the weekend in Stephenville. Beau has to go to a retreat :( We'll be back on Monday, hopefully with tons of pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interesting story

Well I came home from work the other night and Elijah greets me, naked at the door. Beau says he's just had a bath and is "airing out". Whatever. So we let him run around and play, naked for a few minutes. He goes into his room and I can hear him playing with his Thomas the Train chair. I keep calling him to come and get his diaper and pajamas on for bed. He doesn't come. I keep calling. He doesn't come. No more noise from his room. I call again and he comes to me. I lay him down to put on th diaper and see a little spec of poop on him bottom. I say to Beau, "didn't Elijah just have a bath?"... "yeah, why"..."he's got poop on his butt and he was being really quiet in his room a minute ago".

Yep, he squated right in the corner and pooped! I don't know if this is a "good" thing or bad thing. What I mean is I really want to try and potty train him this summer (shut up, I know he's young, but I can still try) and so is this a good sign that he's ready or a bad sign? Please say good.

Scroll down for the Easter blog.

Westside Easter Egg Hunt

This past Sunday was Westside's Easter Egg Hunt. It was a little early, but we had fun anyway. This was Elijah's first time to participate since he was only about 5 months old last year. It was really windy, but he had a lot of fun.
Elijah and Jo waiting for the fun to start.

"Okay, explain it one more time...I'm going to take this basket and put a bunch of eggs in it?"

And he's off!!

"Forget thos eggs, there's dirt to dig here!"

"Wow, look at all these eggs!"

"Did I do good Papa?!"

"That was fun!"

Mason, Elijah and Wyatt

Elijah and Jo

It was a lot of fun to watch. This was the scene...all the kids took off running for eggs...all the moms took of chasing them with cameras....Elijah thinks everyone is running so he should be too...I run after him with my camera....all the kids scatter in different directions, still running....Elijah is confused and doesn't know who to follow, he just runs after one child, then another one will run by and he'll start running after them....the whole time I'm chasing him yelling, "look at Mama"....he was so overwhelmed with fun things to watch (kites were flying, children running, shouts of joy) that I never got that "perfect shot". You know the one...he's stanidng in the grass proudly holding his basket of eggs and looking at the camera with the cutest little grin. Yeah, I figured out the reason the child is always about 5 in that picture!! Oh well, we still had fun!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Aimee's Surprise Shower

Saturday we had Aimee's surprise baby shower. I had never thrown a surprise shower and I was a total mess! I was sweaty and shaking when she walked up. I was seriously more calm on my own wedding day. Oh well. It was a huge success and loads of fun! Here are a few pics.
Me and Aimee

The Hostesses

Jess, Melissa, Me, Julie, Stephanie, and Leigh Ann (not pictured..we missed you)

We're all talking to Grant...Aimee looks slightly uncomfortable.

Bibby, Aimee and Tippy

Aimee being "French" and smoking a *fake* cigarette.

He doesn't need us anymore...

I guess Elijah was pretty proud of himself...I found him in the chair in his room where we read books before bed. He thinks he doesn't need us anymore! Yes, it is the middle of the morning and he has a pacifier. Before you call CPS let me explain...Elijah has had a bad chest cold all week. (Refer to the previous blog where I scarred him with the nasal sucker) So now he won't let me anywhere near his nose. He was playing in his room right before these pics and reached thru his bed rails and grabbed his pacifier. (no I will not take it away from him at night, I don't care what you say, it helps soothe him and we all have things that soothe us and btw I've never seen a 12 year old walking around with a pacifier - he'll grow out of it - leave me alone) sore subject...Anyway, I was about to take the pacifier away because I don't let him have it during the day...I'll wait while you applause...but then I noticed it was making him breath thru his mouth and he was blowing snot all over the place! You think that's bad, but I thought it was good. He would blow the snot out, I could quickly swipe it away. He thought it was a great day...he got his pacifier all day and I got rid of all the snot!!

It was really cool, at one point he realized the book was upside down and he turned it around. He surprises me with little things...he's smart (YES!!!).
"Hmmm...not as much fun...still can't read"

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birthday Week

Well, I had to work on Monday, my birthday. It was okay though - I get the next 4 days off! Thank you all for all the gifts, cards, and phone calls...I loved them all. No new pics today. Sorry. Elijah has had a chest cold. He's fine, just coughing a lot and snot nosed. We had a bad morning. When I got him up this morning his nose was just packed with "stuff". I was going to suck it out since he still doesn't understand the concept of blowing. Well he hates the sucker and fights me - he's really strong. I had successfully sucked out one side and was trying to get to the other. Right as I inserted the sucker tip he jerked his head and it poked the inside of his nose. Well, his nose is probably pretty raw inside and I must have hit an artery because blood just started pooring out. I was trying to wipe it off and hold pressure, but he thought I was still trying to suck so he's trashing and snorting and blowing blood all over the place! I finally got him calmed down, but now the snot was mixed with blood and he's wiping in stuff (me) and I can't find my peroxide to get it out of our pj's. Then the neighbor called, Max was on their front porch...yadda yadda yadda....I'm really tired today! (my Seinfeld friend will get a kick out of that). So, now I doped him up again and sent him to bed and I just might take a nap myself. I have had a stomach virus for about a week now and I'm just run down. No, I'm not pregnant (unfortunately) just sick. I'll try to get some new pics posted this weekend! Love to all!