Friday, February 29, 2008

He just makes us laugh...

Elijah this morning...

Are these not the cutes pj's!?! They are Incredibles. I can't remember who they came from, Amy or Kris, but they're great.

Elijah was carrying around another shirt and wanted it tied on like a cape! Now he's a real superhero!!

He has been in a very descructive mood lately. Anytime he sees something he can "mess up" he does.

"Vroom vroom!"

Okay, now this is funny (at least it was to us). Beau let Elijah play outside this morning while he helped me cook for Women's Retreat. We didn't want a repeat of yesterday so he left Max's water bowl empty and then put his food bowl up on the grill. After a while we didn't hear anything (remember how that's a bad sign) and looked outside. Elijah had figured out that he could climb up on the window seal and reach the food on the grill. We still don't know how he did it exactly, but I'm telling you, this kid is not dumb!!

I leave in a few hours for Women's Retreat. I'm really excited, we always have a blast. However, this will be my first night away from Ligy for the whole night. I'm not thrilled about it! I told Beau ahead of time that I'm going to call A LOT and ask A LOT of questions and he can't get frustrated with me because its just my way of dealing. It will be hard because I am the one who puts Elijah to bed about 95% of the time, so I will miss that. Beau just laughed.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Having fun in the backyard

Elijah and I went shopping for Women's Retreat at Sam's this morning. By the time we got home a few hours later (we did more than just Sam's) Elijah was getting pretty fed up with sitting in a cars seat/shopping cart. So, when we got home I decided to try out the whole "let Elijah play in the backyard while I cook" scenario now that Sydney's gone. At first he just played on the porch, then I couldn't hear him anymore and looked out the window. He was off exploring one of the holes Sydney dug.

I guess that big, muddy rock didn't taste too good.

Elijah spilled Max's water bowl all over the porch. When Max came over and took a drink I guess Elijah thought he would try it out. Yep that's right...that's Elijah trying to drink water off the porch.

After that I decided to try and spare Elijah's nice clothes so I stripped him down. So...Aimee, you think you're ready for a boy? sure you want to hope for a boy? Ha!! They're the greatest!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Elijah's New Trick

This is what Elijah did this morning. I normally would have made him get down, but it was so cute, he was so proud of himself.

Yes that is a pen in his hand, yes I'm a horrible mother. I take them away from him, but he always finds something to hold in his hands at all times. Its hard because now he can reach things on the kitchen counter and the table in the study....everything. It's crazy. Beau or I will put something up "out of reach" and a few mins later Elijah will walk up with it. We are always shocked at what he can reach. Oh and yes, it's 10:30 and we're still in our pj's. Mommy's days off are fun!! Pj's till noon!!! When Beau is about to be home for lunch we run and get dressed so he doesn't make fun of us!

Sunday Church Shower

Sunday was Aimee's church shower. I got put in charge of this shower so we did things a bit different from the normal "traditional" church showers. Not that I have anything against church showers, but its very hard on a very pregnant woman to sit in an uncomfortable chair for 2 hours opening presents. The guests can't mingle because you're supposed to be watching and no one really has much fun. Its great because you get amazing gifts, but I wanted Aimee to get amazing gifts and her and all the guests really enjoy themselves.

I stayed after church was over to set up with the other ladies since we couldn't do it Saturday. Beau was really sweet and went to get us lunch. After we all ate he took Elijah home for a nap.

Elijah thought he was so clever hiding from Beau behind the planter when Beau was trying to take him home.

We sat up the trellis and hung all the little boy clothes on it as a backdrop. There aren't many clothes b/c these pics were taken before the guests arrived. By the end of the shower it was full of clothes. Everyone brought their gifts unwrapped. We did that for two reasons: 1) Aimee doesn't like attention and loved the idea of not having to sit in front of a room full of people to open gifts 2) it saved time so we were able to play games and visit. It turned out to be a really cute backdrop and everyone loved walking around looking at all the gifts.

Instead of the traditional cake we had Aimee's favorite: Brownies and Ice Cream. We had 6 different kinds of brownies (peanut butter, classic fudgy, creme de menthe, raspberry, rocky road, and cheesecake) It was a huge hit. No one could decide what kind they wanted so you saw all these women walking around with a plate full of brownies.

This is a picture of the center table, it had the diaper cake I made for Aimee, the game prizes, the hostess gift (car seat) and the "guest book". It was a photo album and every guest wrote their name, what gift they brought and some advice for the new parents on a card that we put in the book. It was a hit.

I loved the cake topper. I found it all Walmart with all the Easter stuff. I love ducks and loved the way he was all sprawled out. If you squeeze him he quacks. I hope Grant loves him as much as Elijah and I did.

Melissa won one of the games - a blindfolded diaper race. We laughed and said she should have been disqualified. She was the last one to have a baby - Maddie is about 9 months and so everyone thought she has too much middle-of-the-night diaper changing experience (in the dark).

All the hostesses. I don't know why, but I look really tall. I guess I shouldn't stand between Cathy and Aimee unless I want to look really tall! Ha!

Self portrait! I don't know why we didn't take a real portrait. Oh well. We had a great time!

Suzie's Tea Room Shower

Saturday we (me, Aimee, Jan and Bibby) drove to Tomball for a shower that Aimee's mom thru at a Tea Room. We had a good time and took these two pics:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ding, Dong, Sydney's Gone...

An Ode to Sydney:
Sydney was a beautiful dog, she was incredibly smart and loving. However, all the brain and beauty she possessed could not make up for the destruction she caused. We joked about one of the rather large holes she dug in the back yard and called it "Beau's Grave". Though Beau loved her she caused too much stress. I think now her life will be better off. She has left us to go to a new family with a much bigger yard. She will be getting "married" soon and hopefully be a mother. We hope that she will have a better life than we could give her. We do have big plans now, though. Beau cannot bring himself to part with Max (but he is a really good dog so its okay). We plan to totally redo the backyard to have a place to be together as a family and to have a place for Elijah to play. We will miss Sydney, but not a lot! :)

Stay tuned. I've had a busy weekend with all of Aimee's showers and will try to post tonight or tomorrow about them. Off to church.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One Great Night!!

Well, Beau and I got to go on our date Friday night! It was wonderful. We got dressed (and I will say we looked good) and went to Perry's Steakhouse. I had been joking all week that I was going to get steak and lobster and I ended up really getting steak and lobster + shrimp!!! It was great! It was a huge kabob of fillet mignon, lobster tail and huge shrimp. It came with some great mashed pots and veggies. Beau got pecan crusted fish. Wow, we spent WAY too much money, but had such a good time. I wish I would have taken my camera - I would have been totally innapropriate and taken pictures of our food.

Then we went and saw a movie. The last time we saw a movie in the theatre together was Madagascar 3 years ago! I know what you're Elijah yet.....why Madagascar? Well there was nothing showing and we had to kill 2 hours before something (I don't remember) Anyway, that was ridiculously expensive - $9 a ticket!!! We saw the Bucket List - it was really good.

After the movie we got gelato from Piccomolo (Italian ice cream) So Good!!! We came home to relieve Gary and Aimee - they said they had a good time ( I need to confirm that with Elijah). It was so cute though. All day before they came Elijah would look at Aimee's picture and say "Maimee" then when she finally got here he was SO excited. Beau got me flowers and my favorite kind of muffins ( I ask for them all the time). The bakery said they didn't have any and he asked them if they would make some just for me. Mmmmm fresh muffins! He's so sweet!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Beau and I are officially celebrating tomorrow since he has class today, but I wanted the actual holiday to be special too so I made my boys a Love Lunch!


We had pizza....


and dessert...

Our Love Lunch

Valentine's Day has never really been that big of a deal to me, but it marks mine and Beau's first date so now its important enough to really celebrate. Our first date was 6 years ago. Beau thinks this face is funny, he does it every time you want to take a pic.

Aaaahhhh how cute are we??!!
We get to celebrate tomorrow because our wonderful friends Gary and Aimee offered to keep Elijah for the evening! Isn't that great. Its really tough when you don't have family around to get some *free* babysitting. (Gary and Aimee, did I mention *free* to you?) We are going to Perry's Steakhouse and who know what else. We might even go see a movie!! Its been a few years since we did that. Love to all!!

He's Baaaaaack!!!

Here are a few pictures of my boy from this morning. He is obviously feeling a lot better. We may try to do a new video later - he's learned some new things.

Valentine from Mimi

"Thank you Mimi" or how he would really say it: "you you mimi"

Giving kisses. The wiskers are tickling his face.

My beautiful, sweet, rash-free boy!!

This is what happens when you say "cheeeese!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thanks for the prayers - we needed them

Okay, so my last blog left off with those pics of Ligy. The blog was Sat morning, but the pics were actually Friday night. Anyway, Saturday the rash was much worse. It seemed to have all "grown together" to form one MEGA rash. It pretty much looked like Elijah had a horrible sunburn with tiny little blotches of white throughout. He still acted like he was sick, but not horrible. So, Saturday around 1pm I left him with Beau to go to HEB (my retreat!) :) On the way I was talking to my mom. We went over everything the Pediatrician's nurse said Friday on the phone - the nurse didn't seem worried at all. I was telling mom the thing that worries me it the rash seems to be getting worse when it should be staying the same or getting better. She told me I should call the Nurse Access line thru the Pediatrician's office (had some experience with that when Elijah was 13 weeks old) and see if they think it warrants a trip to the ER to have a doc look at it. I hung up with mom and called the nurse line as I pulled into HEB. I stayed on hold for about 10 mins then had a receptionist come on the line, she told me all the nurses were on calls and I could give her my name and number and they should call me back within an hour. So I went into HEB and started shopping.

When I got to the chip isle (almost finished shopping) my cell rang. It was the nurse. I hudled down so I could hear her and I started from the beginning - the mosquito bite and ear infection and told her everything up to the time I left the house. She seemed very worried and told me it is not normal and should rush Elijah to the nearest ER. Okay, so I freaked a little. This is my first time as a mom and its a Learn - As - You - Go process. No one has ever told me I should rush my first born - the pride of my life - to the nearest ER. I called Beau, told him to meet me at the ER (since I was already close to it). I went with my cart full of groceries and found a manager. I told her I had to go to the ER would they do something with my stuff and maybe I'll be back later.

I ran out and drove to the ER. Beau met me there about 20 mins later with a very red and clingy Elijah.

We were triaged and were put in a room. We waited there about 10 mins for a nurse. She asked all the appropriate questions and left. We waited about another 45 mins for the doc. Let me just interject that this is smack dab in the middle of Elijah's nap time and he didn't sleep much the night before. We're in a room with nothing for him to do and he's miserable. The doc came in - and when I say came in I mean stood close to the door, didn't come close to Elijah said its a normal Amoxicillin rash and said he was sending us home. I was dumbstruck, but he sounded so confident that it was so normal and they see it "all the time" so whatever. I was being a mom and not a nurse so I wasn't thinking "why didn't he run blood tests, why didn't he look in his ears/throat/nose?"

He came back in about 10 mins later and said he decided he would give Elijah a Decadron (steriod) shot for the "nonspecific rash". So we got the shot and 30 mins later we were out the door. Beau took him home to bed and I went back to HEB.

HEB had all my groceries and had even kept the cold things cold for me. I love HEB (that will be another blog sometime). Anyway, I finish shopping, go out to my car. Another car is parked too close to mine to get my cart thru and the woman in that car is sitting in there with the window down. So I carry my purse, put it in the fron seat, go get an arm full of groceries to put in that back seat....door is locked....go to the front door hit unlock....go to back door...still locked...go to front its locked with both sets of keys and my cell in the front seat. A bag boy walks by, lets me use his cell to call the cops (he has them on speed dial b/c he always locks his keys in the car and knows they'll unlock it for free - had to be no more than 16). I ask him if he pays for his cell by the minute so I can repay him. He laughs and says no...he doesn't even pay for it. Of course. Anyway, finally get home.

We have dinner and give Elijah a bath. He stays up a little late b/c of his late nap so I put him down at 8:40. He whines himself to sleep somewhere around 9. I go to bed shortly after. I'm awakened by his screams somewhere close to 10 or 10:30. I get up and Beau is with him. He is trying to comfort him, but Elijah is screaming like he's in pain. We change diaper...give bottle...nothing. Beau sits in the chair and reads him books for an hour. Elijah seems tired and so Beau says "want to go night night" Elijah walks into his room, Beau puts him in bed and Elijah starts crying. He cried for about 30 to 45 mins till he fell asleep around midnight. We go to bed.

I am awakened by Elijah's blood curdling screams around 1am. I run into his room. I grab him out of his crib and he is fighting me to get away and screaming. I put him down and he is running out his room and around the livingroom screaming. These screams are something akin to what you hear in movies. He looks terrified. Beau runs in and trys to comfort him with no success. I am now terrified. he won't let us touch him, he is running around screaming. I call my mom around 2 am. The only thing we can think of to calm him down is Veggie Tales. I turn it on and he sits in his chair and quits screaming. I hang up with my mom and call the ER. I happen to know the number from working at the hospital and I talk to a nurse. I ask if this could be a reaction to the decadron. I hear the doc say "definately not, decadron makes you feel good and full of energy" I say "he seems jittery" and tell them he seems like he's having night terrors where they won't go away even after he wakes up. He says no, its probably from the Benadryl and Tylenol. WHAT!! This was happening before that stuff. I hang up. I sit with Elijah on the couch while he watched VT. I doze off...wake up to him crying...see its a commercial and start a new VT. After an hour and a half he is falling asleep. I ask if he want to to to bed. He gets down goes towards his room...I follow. When he crosses his threshold he starts crying. I put him to bed and he cries himself to sleep around 4am. I don't know what else to do because he won't sleep with us or on the couch. He wakes up around 5:30 again and Beau gets up with him. I stay home from church. Elijah never goes back to sleep. He sleeps for an hour Sun afternoon and wakes up screaming. He clings to me all day.

Monday morning I make a dr appt for the afternoon. When we get there we tell him everything. He is so mad at the ER. He says of course the decadron was causing the night terrors, Decadron causes psychosis in babies!!! He goes of on a tangent about ER docs not able to appropriately treat babies. He is mad that they gave him the steriod because it also just made the rash go away so now he can't see it to see what it may be. I show him the previous blog's pics and he takes me to a poster of baby rashes. It looks just like measles. But I tell him that the rash changed on Saturday (I was so frazzled sat that I didn't take pics of the new rash) and by looking at that poster it looks like Fifths Disease (a virus in babies). Anyway he draws blood that confirms a virus and again in infuriated that the ER never drew blood. He looks at his ears and they are clear. He tells us it will take 24 to 48 hours for the decadron to wear off, but things should get better. Next time we'll drive down town to Children's ER if we ever have to go after hours.

Monday night was a little better, he still woke up a lot (he seemed to be having "teething" pain), but no more screaming and he easily fell back asleep. Tuesday morning Beau said Elijah slept till almost 9am! I'm sure he was tired.

Last night he finally slept thru the night again and seems to be getting back on schedule (napping right now). It seems the worst is over and we're all healing.

Our little family is pretty new, but it was definately the worst few days of our lives together and I would say it was the worst night of my life Sat night and believe Beau would say the same. It is heart breaking to hear your child scream like that and not be able to comfort him. It brings me to tears when I think back on it.

I'm sorry this was so long, but everyone keeps asking what all happened and this is easier than rehashing it over and over. I hope you other moms can learn one thing from this: if you need to take your baby to the ER and can get to a pedi ER do it.

Thank you all for your prayers and phone calls. We appreciate the support. Love you all.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

We've had a hard week!

Elijah is sick still, now he apparently has a little virus. This doesn't surprise me because I've been feeling like I might have a very slight little stomach virus. Beau called me at work on Friday (of course Elijah gets sick while I'm at work and can't be with him and of course its Friday so we can't go to the Dr.) He has a high fever and a rash. I came home and took these pics. He seems okay - just not feeling well so he's actually clingy and cuddly (which tells me he doesn't feel good - my boy doesn't cuddle). Today the fevers are getting better, but the rash has almost all grown together to form one mega rash and he looks super sunburned). These pics aren't pretty, but I am showing you these next pictures for two reasons! 1) Everyone (including the Dr office) tells me this is pretty common when a baby gets a virus/fever so I want to hear from everyone that this is just as common as I've been told. 2) Please be thinking about and praying for my little sick boy.

We had to cancell our couple's game night that was going to be here tonight. We were up all night. I feel today like I felt the first few weeks he was born and I was up all night nursing!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Feeling a little better

Well, we're feeling a little better today. Not so swollen, but still groggy from all the Benadryl. Just woke up from our morning nap (hush Katy) and watching some "tales" as Elijah calls it. He grabs his blanket, goes to his chair and yells "tales, tales".