Tuesday, April 24, 2012

34 weeks

Elijah took a belly shot for me.  I think he did a great job capturing me and Baby B at 34 weeks!

And yes, I'm sure I'm not having twins.  And no, I'm not about to pop.  I will get bigger and I can't wait to hear more comments about that!
My sarcasm font isn't working today...sorry!  :)

I was made aware, the other day, that I never updated the blog about the baby's follow-up appointment a few weeks ago.  We had our second ultrasound and the tech looks at the kidneys and urinary system and tried to get the baby to show us its face, but couldn't get it to cooperate.  After that she said "let me go see if the Dr is ready".  When she came back and got us she took us to a room where the Dr was waiting.  I did not think that was a good sign...you wait on the Dr...they don't wait on you.  When we walked in he said "So...how's it going...how are you feeling?"  I said, "I'm fine!  How many millimeters were the ureters?!?"  He said, "Oh, they're fine...everything's fine."  I yelled, "Lead with that...that's all I care about."  He then said "Oh, I knew it would be fine, the ureters were right on the border of being dialated."  Hmmm....that would have been nice to know...oh say...8 weeks ago!!!  Oh well.  So everything looks good!!  Praise God!!  Thank you for all the prayers!

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